While I've always made art and writing a central part of my life, I've had to make my living in other ways. Fortunately my professional life has provided ample opportunity for on-the-job learning around three enduring passions: creativity, learning and entrepreneurship.


Until recently I served as the Executive Director of Generator, a maker space in Burlington, Vermont. Prior to that I served as Director of the Office of the Creative Economy for Vermont's Agency of Commerce and Community Development. I've also worked as an innovation prize advisor to the US Agency for International Development, run an innovation and entrepreneurship program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and helped to launch a public charter school for technical arts in Washington, DC. My first job was in public policy working to expand citizen voices in policy making processes. I've also been a midway barker, typist, hotel clerk, graphic designer and artist's assistant.


Along the way I've be encouraged, cajoled and inspired by many, many mentors who have always, despite lousy odds and adversity, maintained a belief in the inherent promise of American life. For that I am deeply grateful.

Will you join me on this journey? I'd value as many diverse perspectives as I can pack into one gigantic road trip. It's easy and begins when you send me an email here. Of course you're welcome to just follow along – I've set up a blog and social tools to help along the way. Either way, thank you for your time – I'm thrilled to have this opportunity to open the dialogue with you!

A Search for America is a personal project. Inspired by the wide responses to President Donald Trump's rally cry to "Make America Great Again," I've committed to a cross-country listening tour to learn what I can from my fellow citizens about what this means to you.


As an American I take great encouragement from the many lives that have contributed to this broad and dynamic effort to build a nation founded upon the principles of freedom, opportunity, and equality before the law for all who inhabit our borders. As an artist and a public scholar I am inspired, often confused, and sometimes downright furious at the events that transpire in the name of country.

Perhaps like you, I can be awestruck at the gap between the values we write and the outcomes we deliver.